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Power Range

1 kW – 128 kW

General Information

Turn-key soluiton for both grid-connected and off-grid sites in remote areas.


EXERON T is an All-in-One system, designed and developed by IPS.

Unique IPS software for precise battery management and DG control.



Rectifiers, solar charge controllers, inverters, DC-DC converters. All under one and the same control unit (MCU). All modular and hot pluggable.

Key features

Industry award for fastest Return on Investment (RoI) for 1.5 kW telecom load: 16 months

Battery life extension: ~30%

Operation in harsh conditions: up to 80°C, high levels of sand, dust and humidity

Remote monitoring and control: Cloud X

Outdoor enclosures: cabinets and shelters

Unique battery capacity test

Free space for customer’s equipment

Approved for Military applications