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Energy Storage

Stationary / Standby / Reserve power batteries

In order to protect lives, equipment and to secure data, our reliable power supply systems are always ready for operation: 24 hours per day.

Lead-Acid | Sealed

Lead-Acid | Vented

Nickel Cadmium | Semi-Sealed

Renewable Energy

The growing use of regenerative energy gives steadily rising importance in particular to the storage of these types of energy. In terms of regenerative energy technology, we offer you, with our solar power product range, top-quality energy storage solutions which are impressive for their excellent resistance to cycling and their long-life expectancy.

Depending on your intended application we offer you a suitable means of energy storage based on the proven lead-acid system, optimised for the application concerned. This includes low-maintenance gel or glass-mat versions, also vented battery ranges in single-cell or Monoblock form.

Sun | Power VR L

Series OPzV/OPzV bloc – Valve regulated lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications

Sun | Power VR L Bloc

Valve regulated lead-acid batteries for cyclic applications

Sun | Power VR M

Valve regulated lead acid batteries

Sun | Power VL

Series OPzS – Vented lead-acid battery for cyclic applications

Sun | Power V L Bloc

series OPzS bloc – vented lead-acid battery for cyclic applications

Sun | Powerpack Classic

Optimise your direct consumption of photovoltaic energy

Sun | Powerpack Premium

Battery storage system for energy saving

Sun | Air

Electrolyte Circulation System


Heat, cold and jolting: our tailor-made specialist systems are used the whole world over to cope with particularly extreme challenges. With the aid of FNC® (fibre structure nickel-technology), metal-hydride-technology or high current lead components we can meet any challenge. A space-saving method of construction guarantees an optimal energy density. Use our competence to place your particular innovation on the market more quickly.

Together with our customers we are developing the energy concepts of the future, which feature high flexibility and failure-safety, even at peak times. We thus set new standards for the energy supply systems of tomorrow and are world leaders in the integration of battery systems for rail vehicles. Our committed cooperation in your development process is something you can take for granted – also over a period of several years.

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Product Overview


Ultra low maintenance flooded recombinant nickel cadmium batteries


Energie High (EH) Power series


Ultra low maintenance with the HOPPECKE Aquagen recombinant vent


Traction cells for AGV applications


Rail cells for Mass Transit and Railroad applications