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SML 2000



Power Range

1 kWp – 2 kWp

General Information

The SML 2000 solar charge controllers converts the energy from the PV string to 48 VDC and can charge various types of batteries as well as to power off-grid inverters, cathodic protection controllers etc.

A 2 kWp PV string can be connected to a SML 2000. The solar charge controller has an MPP tracker, so 1 PV string is always connected to 1 MPP tracker for best efficiency.


Remote monitoring and control is realized with the IPS’s in-house developed Cloud X onlain platform.

Key features

DC input voltage range: 140 V up to 450 V

Umppt voltage range: 140 V up to 450 V

PV string power per module: ~2 kWp

DC Output Voltage: 48 V

MPPT efficiency>99%

Output power: 2 kW

Weight per module: 2 kg

Battery types: Lead Acid, Ni-Cad, Li-based

SML 2000