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X smart grid

Power Range

From 2 kW up to unlimited

General Information

The X smart grid system concept is a combination of know how, long year R&D, future oriented thinking and extra ordinary engineering skills.

X smart grid is an independent, off the grid power generation unit, which is distributed and attached to unlimited single loads (residential or industria).

Imagine a community in remote green area with around 500 single houses. Each house has a dedicated small EXERON system with 4 kWp PV modules, 12 kVA max output power and battery back up for 12h.

All 500 EXERONs are interconnected to each other, so that the each of the houses can use the shared resources – power and battery back up. Locally generated power from one house can be used remotely from another one. Locally stored energy can be transfered any time to another house when needed or when the main computer decide to balance the whole X smart grid

Key features

Developed and designed for communities and developments of mid size to large number of single objects in remote green or rural areas that can be interconnected to each other.

When growing with more connected power nodes, the X smart grid is becomming more and more redundant and reliable.

Each of the interconnected power nodes of the X smart grid may look like e.g.:

PV input power: 2 – 12 kWp (up to several MW)

Output power: 2 – 24 kVA, 1/3-phase (up to several MVA)

Battery back-up: 6 – 16 h (up to several days)

Outdoor enclosure: 60x60 cm (WxD), height 2000 cm

Features: Cloud X monitoring, resource sharing (power, load, storage), intelligent functions, appliances control and many others.

X smart grid